4 Steps to Installing a GRP Water Storage Tank on your Premises

Here at Complete Pump Supplies we offer a range of quality GRP Tanks. In a previous post we explained the function of these tanks, here we detail recommended steps to take before choosing a tank for your home/business.


1. Measuring your Water Usage

We would firstly advise that you measure the amount of water that you are using. You can calculate this yourself by considering factors such as what flow or flush fixtures are on your premises, how many people use them and how much water they require to function. Alternatively, there are online calculators to help you to determine your water usage, or if you would prefer, you can contact us via email or phone to assist. If your water usage amounts to over 13 litres per minute, we would definitely recommend that you invest in a GRP tank.


2. Selecting your GRP Water Storage Tank

If you require further assistance with this, at a charge dependant on location, our experts can visit your premises to help you to measure and determine the type of tank you will need. At Complete Pump Supplies, you can select from a vast range of sizes and options to suit yours or your business’ needs. We some of the product ranges we offer include;

●     One piece uninsulated GRP water tanks - ideal for process water.

●     One piece insulated GRP water tanks - needed for potable water.

●     Two piece GRP water tanks - best suited for installation in areas with restricted access.

●     Bespoke GRP water tanks - where standard tank sizes are unsuitable, these tanks can be designed as one or two piece models.

●     Sectional GRP water tanks - for storing large capacities of water from 125 litres up to 2,000,000 litres.


3. Selecting a Booster Set

Bylaws enforced by the Water Authority do not allow for pumps to be connected directly to the water supply, therefore it is required that a break tank be incorporated into a system. Therefore, if you wish to improve water pressure on your premises, it is important that you also have a suitably functioning pump to work in conjunction with the tank. You can check out our booster sets available from Complete Pump Supplies here.


4. Installing and Maintaining your Water Tank

A GRP tank will supply your premises with the means to increase water pressure and also provide you with a backup supply of water should the your mains ever be cut off.

Choosing a GRP tank from Complete Pump Supplies will guarantee you a lower maintenance, highly cost effective purchase, which can last between 25 and 50 years. Our tanks are WRAS approved and made with state of the art Glass Reinforced Plastic. Extremely resistant to corrosion, GRP is also lightweight but incredibly strong, making it a highly favourable material in the production of water storage tanks.