Brand Focus: Calpeda

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be a booster set, centrifugal pump, pressurisation unit or a submersible pump, you’re sure to find it with Calpeda. Calpeda are one of the most well known manufacturers we stock here at Complete Pump Supplies, and we figured it was about time we put together a small guide to some of their most popular products. If you’re interested in learning more about what Calpeda has to offer, make sure you read on to find out more!

Calpeda Booster Sets


Calpeda offer a number of mains water booster sets and pumps, including single pump booster sets, twin pump booster sets, three pump booster sets and Cat 5 booster sets. Booster pumps are an essential if you long for improved water pressure whether in the home or in a commercial property, and all of Calpedas booster sets such as the Calpeda 1MXP 202-EMT-8 Easymat Booster Set - Single Pump and the Calpeda Cat 5 MXHM 205/A AGAP 80 Booster Set are fully WRAS approved.

Calpeda Pressurisation Units


Calpeda are a renowned stockist of pressurisation units, such as the Calpeda Unimat Alpha Single Pump 240V Pressurisation Unit. This unit is designed for use on closed circuit heating and cooling systems, and features an 18 litre storage tank with powerful features and units that are fully wired and tested. To find out more about how your heating system could benefit from a pressurisation unit, click here to read our blog post.

Calpeda Dirty Water Pumps


Submersible/­dirty water pumps are a piece of electrical equipment that uses a connecting pipe to transfer liquid from one location to another. We stock some fantastic Calpeda submersible and dirty water pumps here at Complete Pump Supplies. The Calpeda MP Multistage Submersible Pumps for example, are great for draining rooms and emptying tank, along with extracting water from ponds and streams or for rainwater collection, whilst the Calpeda Submersible Pump Lifting Stations are great for flood drainage.

Calpeda Centrifugal Pumps


Along with a selection of other pump equipment, Calpeda also offer a range of centrifugal pumps - a piece of machinery that’s used to transport fluids that’s commonly used in water, sewage, petrochemical and petroleum plumbing. Items such as the Calpeda C 16/1E Cast Iron Centrifugal Pump (3 Phase) are perfect for industry and agricultural purposes, featuring only the best quality cast iron casings and brackets.

Want to check out the full range of Calpeda UK pumps and plumbing equipment? Click here to shop their selection of pressurisation units, booster pumps, swimming pool pumps and more.