Brand Focus: Grundfos

We are fortunate to have close ties to some of the world’s finest pump manufacturers. Some, like the English Stuart Turner, operate from close to home, while others, like the Japanese Ebara, are based much further afield.

What unites these companies is the exceptional quality of their products. Each company is vastly experienced and employs the most forward-thinking engineers and product designers to realise their ambition of creating innovative, efficient and durable products.

Today, we have decided to draw attention to the German manufacturer Grundfos. By delving into their history, their values and a range of their products, we hope to provide an insight into why we feel so privileged to sell their wares; and why you, as potential customers should seriously consider buying a Grundfos product.


Grundfos was founded in 1944 in Bjerringbro, Denmark by Poul Due Jensen. It started life under the name Bjerringbro Die-Casting Foundry and Machine Foundry.  During the 60s, the company name became synonymous with that of their most popular product - Grundfoss. In 1967, the decision was taken to remove the ‘s’ at the end and the Grundfos we are all familiar with today was born.

Bjerringbro Die-Casting Foundry and Machine Foundry originally centred its efforts on blacksmithing, heating and sanitation. An order for automatic waterworks in 1945 however, quickly changed Grundfos’ trajectory. When Poul Due Jensen struggled to find an electric pump of satisfactory quality for the waterworks, he decided to develop one himself. It would prove a pivotal moment in Grundfos’s history.

Foss 1, the result of his efforts, was a shallow groundwater piston pump and it sold well; 26 units were sold in its first year. From there, Grundfos went from strength-to-strength, producing its first deep groundwater piston pump in 1947 and beginning to export its products in 1949. The following seventy years have been marked by exceptional growth, new products and the establishment of Grundfos as a globally respected name in the pumps industry.


The company’s mantra - be think innovate - lays clear their forward-thinking approach.  Grundfos is constantly pushing and re-drawing the boundaries of pumps technology. Their history is characterised by an uncommonly consistent rate of innovation. In 1989 for example, they developed the core melting technique, which meant they were the first pump manufacturer with the ability to produce complicated shapes in composite.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Be think innovate not only speaks to their commitment to innovation, but also to an understanding of the responsibility their role as a manufacturer of products that trade in energy and water carries. Pumps manufacturers, more than most, have an acute understanding of this burden. Even marginal gains in efficiency represent potentially massive savings in water and energy. And given that 90% of the world’s pumps are inefficient, Grundfos recognises the dire need for efficient pumps and has made it their goal to reverse this worrying statistic.


Circulating pumps

Hot water circulating pumps more efficiently heat and distribute water around your home than conventional heating systems. Not only does it cut down on the amount of energy your home expends, it also reduces the amount of water your home uses. Extremely efficient and really simple to use, Grundfos circulating pumps are an obvious choice for those looking to improve the efficiency of their heating.

Grundfos mains booster booster pump

Is your home plagued by insufficient water pressure? Installing Grundfos home booster pumps is an exceptionally simple way to solve this problem. Because they are self-contained and remarkably compact, Grundfos booster pumps can be installed with very little difficulty.  In no time at all, your home can have pressurised hot and cold water.