Brand Focus: Lowara UK Ltd

This month we are focusing on our manufacturer Lowara. A Xylem brand renowned for their quality, Lowara specialise in pumps, water booster sets and pressurisation units. Offering an economical solution to water pressure issues, their designs are robust, easy to install, affordable to service and operate highly efficiently. Here we look at some of their product range and and some of our favourite models.


Water Booster Sets

When considering purchasing a water booster set, it is important to remember you must firstly have a break tank installed, you can take a look at our GRP tanks available here. Lowara offer single pump, twin pump and three pump booster sets along with category five booster sets and a range of accessories. Ideal for domestic use the Lowara SMB10/­B/­1HME05S03/­M2/­UK Booster Sets - Single Pump, guarantees a controlled and quiet performance. Alternatively the Lowara GHV30/­A/­15SV06F055T/­4/­UK Booster Sets - Three Pump provides an extremely reliable source of pressure to commercial and industrial sites.


Heating and Hot Water Circulating Pumps

Lowara circulating pumps have been specifically invented to lower energy consumption. In the creation of these pumps, Lowara have stripped back and simplified the design, leaving an efficient but affordable solution for the consumer. Just some of the applications Lowara pumps can be used for include:

  • radiant heating (one- and two pipe systems)
  • underfloor and surface heating
  • boiler feed
  • solar stations

They have a shaftless spherical design and are built with ECM technology and permanent magnet rotor. The Lowara Ecocirc 25-4/130 Domestic Circulating Pump is an ideal choice for domestic use, and for use in larger buildings the Lowara Ecocirc XLplus D 80-120F Circulator Pump - Twin Head (PN10).


Vertical Multistage Pumps

These multipurpose pumps are highly efficient, featuring advanced technology in a robust and reliable design. Lowara vertical multistage pumps are WRAS approved for potable water use, with all metal surfaces coming into contact with the passing liquid made from stainless steel. Effective for use in a number of industries, Complete Pump Supplies stock these pumps in a range of sizes. In some sizes then comes a choice of flange variations, for a smaller ‘N’ flanged pump, take a look at the Lowara e-SV 1SV02N003M Vertical Multistage Pump. For a larger ‘F’ flanged pump, see the Lowara e-SV 15SV17F150T/D Vertical Multistage Pump.


Pressurisation Units

We have four types of Lowara pressurisation units available:

  • Lowara Micro Presfix Pressurisation Units
  • Lowara Mini Presfix Pressurisation Units
  • Lowara Presfix Beta Pressurisation Units
  • Lowara Presfix Beta Dual Pressurisation Units

These systems dramatically reduce corrosion by sealing the content from the elements, allowing only fresh water to replace loss through leakage. Investing in a Lowara pressurisation unit can also be highly cost-efficient. As the units offer the possibility of running at higher temperatures if required, this can mean minimised piping, lowered circulation rates and smaller pumps. Check out the Lowara Micro Presfix 140 (Single pump, max F/P 4 bar), ideal for domestic use. The Lowara Presfix Beta 280 Dual System (max F/P 8.0 bar) manages two independent systems from one pressurisation unit, making it a good option for industrial use.

To view our entire range of Lowara products, visit their page on our website here.