Commercial Pump Supplies Your Hotel Business May Be Missing

Whether you currently run your own hotel or B&B, or you’re thinking of opening one up, there are lots of things you need to consider to keep your business successful. Plumbing and water mains issues might not be something many of us think about, but when running a commercial business such as a hotel it’s definitely a good thing to stay on top of. Here at Complete Pump Supplies we have everything your hotel business needs, from Pressurisation Units to Spa Pumps. Make sure you’re covering all your bases with this quick guide to some of the commercial pump supplies you might be missing.

A Pressurisation Unit

Pressurisation units are used to pressurise hot or cold water systems, eliminating the need for a cold water storage system in the roof. These units are used to replace any water that’s been lost through system leakage and maintaining the design fill pressure within sealed heating and chilled water systems. Before pressurisation units were invented, a tank would be fitted at the highest point in the system which left the risk of damaging leaks, contamination or corrosion. Getting a pressurisation unit from Complete Pump Supplies for your hotel business is a good step towards maintaining the health of your plumbing systems, and avoiding any possible water damage.

A Booster Pump

When staying in a hotel, you expect everything to be top notch, which is why a trickly shower with low water pressure is a definite no-go. Keep your guests happy by installing a booster pump for your hotel to boost water pressure and ensure great showers every time.

A Swimming Pool/Spa Pump

Of course, this might not be relevant for every hotel owner, but if you have a swimming pool or spa within your hotel then you’ll need to invest in a quality pump. We stock a selection of high quality swimming pool pumps here at Complete Pump Supplies, which work to filter the water in your swimming pool or spa pools and help you stay on top of maintenance.


A Heating & Hot Water Circulating Pump

Having a reliable source of hot water and heating is important for all hotels, especially during the colder months. Not only is hot water crucial for your guests, but it also ensures the smooth running of basic aspects of the hotel such as housekeeping services. Our hot water and heating circulating pumps are also energy efficient since you no longer need to run the tap waiting for the water to heat up.

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