Preparing your Home for the Winter Months

The arrival of winter weather doesn’t just mean wrapping up warm and hounding the shops for presents; it also means taking proper care of your home. Without taking measures to guard against all of the challenges to your home that the winter weather portends, your home can very easily slide into a costly state of disrepair. Frozen pipes, roof leaks and ice dams are all very real possibilities. To help you ward off these debilitating problems and keep your home in tip-top shape throughout the winter period, we have put together this list of helpful tips.

Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are the scourge of the winter period. They will not only cut off the supply of water to your home, they can even burst and cause flooding. Repairs for a problem of this scale can be prohibitively expensive.  If they are to be avoided - which they should be (at all costs) - you need to ensure you have fitted lagging. Inexpensive, and straightforward enough to fit, as a preventative measure, they can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Draught excluders

Once again, a warm home is perhaps the most effective bulwark against the challengingly low temperatures of water. Fitting draught excluders at the bottom of doors and windows is an inexpensive way of retaining heat. They are available for purchase online and from home stores for very little money at all, offering excellent return on investment long-term. By improving your home’s ability to retain heat, they’ll save you money on heating over time.

Hot water circulating pumps

To ward off the threat of frozen pipes, it is important to keep your house warm. Any time the temperature drops below 0°C, you are flirting dangerously with the prospect of your pipes freezing over. Keeping your home perpetually warm though, is an expensive endeavour. Circulation pumps can help minimise the cost. Electric wet rotor pumps can intelligently respond and adapt to changes in the system’s demands, ensuring peak efficiency is maintained at all times. The efficiency of many of our pumps is officially certified by the European Commission - just look for the EuP insignia on our product listings.

The unique climatic conditions of winter can pose a particular problem to homeowners. Lacking the oversight to properly prepare for the cold, wind, snow and ice of winter is a mistake you can’t afford to make - literally. By taking the precautions listed in this piece, you can spend money on the things that you really want to this winter - on your family and friends.