Things to consider when choosing a home booster set

Home booster sets are one of our most popular pieces of equipment at Complete Pump Supplies. Home booster pumps are used when the water mains within the home is insufficient, improving the water pressure for better use of showers, taps and hose pipes. If you’ve found yourself on our website and are looking to buy a home booster set, let us help you narrow down your selection with some of the things you should consider before making your purchase!


What’s the size?


Size is one element that’s worth considering before you buy a booster pump. Booster sets range in size, from small wall mounted units such as the Lowara Mini Fix Booster Set to larger units like the Grundfos 4.5 bar home booster. Smaller sets are good for homes without much space which would benefit from a more compact model.


What’s the cost?


Cost is always a factor whenever buying new products, so ensure that you take your budget into account before splurging on the first home booster set you see. You can buy booster sets below £1000 such as the DAB.ESYBOX Home Booster Set, which is highly efficient and easy to use.


Is it quiet?


Noise is a big factor when shopping for a home booster set. The last thing you want in your home is a piece of noisy machinery keeping you awake at night, which is why we stock a range of quiet-running home booster sets. Items like the DAB E.SYBOX Mini Booster Set have whisper quiet running time along with maximum performance.


Is it energy efficient?


Here at Complete Pump Supplies, we’re big on preserving energy whenever possible. Whilst home booster pumps could be considered energy efficient in themselves due to their ability to save on water waste (less time running the tap waiting for a steady pressure, less water is wasted!) we also have some booster sets that have an energy efficient quality. The DAB E.SYBOX and Tank is a booster pump set that avoids water wastage due to only drawing the necessary water needed, according to water requirements.


Hopefully this guide has helped you narrow down your decision on how to choose the best home booster set for your needs. If you want to find out a bit more about these items, take a look at our guide to four of our home booster sets, or shop our full range here at Complete Pump Supplies.