Tips for Keeping Warm and Cosy at Home

As the temperature has begun to drop and Christmas dawns ever nearer, now is a time where we start to consider how we can keep our homes warm and cosy – while keeping our heating bills to a minimum! In this guide we provide our top tips for staying toasty at home in the colder months:

1. Covering Up Any Draughts

Be sure to keep out any cold air coming in through cracks and gaps in doors and windows. You can do this by using doorstoppers, insulation tape or any kind of material which will exclude any draughts – get creative with this as every little will help!

2. Use Pipe Lagging

Pipe lagging is really easy to install yourself and helps to protect your pipes from the cold weather. It keeps the water within the pipes hotter for longer and will improve the efficiency of your heating.

3. Bleed your Radiators

To ensure your radiators are heating your rooms as effectively as possible, you should bleed them to allow any air trapped at the top to be released, meaning the entirety of your radiator will be heated.

4. Check on your Heating System

Make sure your heating system is running to its optimal performance. You could service your boiler or purchase a Central Heating Pump from Complete Pump Supplies to improve the supply of hot water to your radiators. Pumps from our range offer you fantastic value for money, with controlled circulation pumps providing up to 80% savings on your electricity.

5. Invest in some Cosy Rugs

With tiles and wooden floors feeling much colder to the touch than carpet, we would definitely advise buying some warm rugs. Not only will they add to the décor of your rooms, but they will cover any draughts you may have coming through.

6. Use your Curtains Effectively

Keep your curtains open during the day, especially if you’re lucky enough to have direct sunlight coming through! This heat is free and so should be made use of. At night, close your curtains over, ensuring that no heat is being lost from radiators below, up into your windows. If your curtains are too long, tuck them up onto your window ledge or pop a few pins into them to make sure you’re not wasting any energy on your central heating.

7. Wrap Up Warm

Wearing a number of layers rather than just one thick layer will help to trap air and warm you up faster. With most of our body heat being lost through our feet, it’s important to always wear slippers around the house.

8. Spend Time with Others

Whether it be cosying up on the couch, or just being in the same room, remember that humans give off a degree of heat, or if no one is available, any furry pets can help to warm you up too!

9. Use a Hairdryer

Warming up any layers you’re about to add on, your bed before you get in, or even drying over your hair will all assist in raising your temperature, just be careful not to singe anything!

10. The Trusty Hot Water Bottle

Using a hot water bottle is a quick and easy way to help you stay toasty, with different sizes and covers available, make one a staple in your night time routine.